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Platinum Batteries have a brand portfolio to suit the needs and requirements of all customers.


Each brand has characteristics that help differentiate from the rest of the crowd, each brand also has a tiering system for each product vehicle parc, whether it is Automotive, Commercial Vehicles, Leisure or Marine, there is a battery to suit each level of spend.


Platinum Batteries has worked hard to develop its own brands. This gives the market brand choice and a strong brand identity that means something both at trade and consumer levels.


Platinum Batteries is proud that it has successfully built up its Platinum branded sales to a point where Platinum outsells any other battery brand in the UK aftermarket. The Platinum name means something to the ‘end consumer’. It represents premium quality, performance or service.


Platinum Batteries recognised in 2009 that the Platinum would not suit everyone, so have worked hard to secure the exclusive rights to sell, market and distribute the Oldham and Tungstone brands in the UK.


Platinum Batteries’ Oldham and Tungstone brands offer long-standing brand identity to the more traditional trade fitting channels that value a ‘manufacturer’s brand’ name as this may determine their trade customer’s buying decision.


The Oldham brand, famous for the slogan “I told ‘em Oldham”, was established as a trade brand in 1865 and is renowned for delivering premium quality and performance.


Also recognised at trade level Platinum Batteries has the Tungstone brand, which has had a strong presence in the battery aftermarket since the 1980’s and again provides the same reliability and premium performance as the Platinum and Oldham brands.


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Platinum Car

With our unbeatable range of superior quality batteries, The Platinum brand is the perfect choice for any factor

Platinum Commercial

Platinum Commercial Batteries are renown for their reliability, making them perfect for those wanting to reduce downtime.

Platinum Leisure

Top of the Range deep cycle batteries designed to work hard when you're not!